As its name suggests, this sauce has a little smoky taste. To obtain a slightly less spicy sauce, remove the seeds from the peppers.
Learn how to make your own homemade spicy mango sauce. If you like spicy, sweet, flavorful and fruity sauces this recipe is perfect for you! The spicy mango sauce recipe uses the Morita peppers from your Mortier Pilon Homemade Hot Sauce Kit.

This sauce is as picante as it is colorful! To be used in moderation if you have a sensitive palate, its fresh, complex taste will surprise you.

Fresh cucumbers, flavorful garlic, zesty scallions and a hint of dill from the pickle brine: this vinaigrette truly has it all! Keep a jar in the refrigerator in the summer: we guarantee it’ll soon become an inseparable companion to your salads!

Cucumbers, dill and a little salt: as far as fermented condiments go, you can’t do much simpler than this one. And yet, after trying this relish, we promise you’ll never look back.

Store-bought mayonnaise may be practical, but it comes with all sorts of artificial ingredients that are best avoided. But don’t worry: this lactofermented mayo can be made in a flash. Plus, it’ll be the best you’ve ever tasted!

This very tasty sauce is also packed with probiotics! Serve it with roasts, and really anywhere you’d use mayonnaise. Be mindful of your eyes when you prepare it, as horseradish root liberates certain irritant volatiles when it is cut.

In addition to being finger-licking good, this lactofermented salsa will keep for much longer than its store-bought counterpart.

At once spicy, fruity and a touch exotic, this chutney might surprise you! Very colorful and highly adaptable, you can feel free to personalize it by subbing the peaches with pears or plums!


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