The key to making this no-fuss but flavorful dish a success is patience, especially as the meat cooks slowly in the oven among humble but hand-picked ingredients, as quality and simplicity are the distinctive features of this recipe.

We owe the Pennsylvania Dutch not only the American popularity of pretzels, but also this dish made of pork and sauerkraut, which is traditionally served steaming hot on a large plate at the center of the table.

Shchi is the quintessential Russian soup. Its main ingredient is cabbage, often in sauerkraut form, in which case the dish is called sour shchi.

Considered by many as Poland’s national dish, pierogi exist in many varieties. Our version is stuffed with onions, sour cream and kraut, and is inspired by the pierogi served as part of the traditional Christmas meal.

Store-bought mayonnaise may be practical, but it comes with all sorts of artificial ingredients that are best avoided. But don’t worry: this lactofermented mayo can be made in a flash. Plus, it’ll be the best you’ve ever tasted!

This very tasty sauce is also packed with probiotics! Serve it with roasts, and really anywhere you’d use mayonnaise. Be mindful of your eyes when you prepare it, as horseradish root liberates certain irritant volatiles when it is cut.

In addition to being finger-licking good, this lactofermented salsa will keep for much longer than its store-bought counterpart.

Crunchy and sour, these pickles are fermented with dill and garlic for a final product that’s both fragrant and scrumptious!

This deceptively simple recipe will allow you to enjoy the most summery of combinations during the cold winter months, when the fresh, flavorful tomatoes and basil of the warmer season are long gone.


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