Homemade Hot Sauce Kit + FREE Carolina Reaper


Want to make your own hot sauce? We have designed this kit for all the hot sauce addicts. If you are looking to create yourself the perfect homemade hot sauce by following our recipes or by inventing your own, this kit is for you! With 3 original recipes, 5 chillies and 6 glass bottles, you have everything you need to make a sauce to spice up your favorite dishes!

Forget everything you thought you knew about hot sauce and make our Spicy Mango Sauce, Smoky Red Sauce and Tomatillo Salsa. With our beautiful glass bottles, your homemade sauce also becomes a perfect gift for any occasion. Spice up your dishes, learn a new skill, have a hot sauce contest with your friends, bring it to your next barbecue, have a fun group activity... What better way to say "I made it myself"?

In this kit, you will find 6 glass bottles, 5 different peppers (Chipotle, Guajillo, Arbol, Morita and Carolina Reaper) with 3 original recipes. For a less spicy sauce, add more water and/or vinegar to our instructions. Customize our recipes with your favorite spices and invent your own hot sauces... Your imagination is the only limit... and of course your tolerance to spice!

Did we say 3 recipes? Oh… we have something extra special for you. We added a little surprise to your box… A Carolina Reaper pepper, the hottest pepper in the world! Because why go mild when you can make it BURN? Use this pepper with caution (use gloves when preparing this sauce)! Add it to our recipes for some extra kick, or invent your own EXTRA hot sauce.


  • 4 Hot Peppers (Chipotle, Guajillo, Arbol & Morita)
  • 1 Carolina Reaper, world's hottest pepper (ONLY with online purchases)
  • 6 Glass bottles with cork stopper
  • 3 Recipe sheets and instructions

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Learn Healthy and Tasty Hot Sauce Recipes

Our hot sauce making kit can be used to make the best homemade hot sauces. We've selected three of our favorite recipes for you:
• Spicy Mango Sauce with cumin, turmeric, ginger and honey. Made with Morita peppers.
• Smoked Red Sauce with applesauce, tomatoes and red bell pepper. Made with Chipotle peppers.
• Tomatillo Salsa with lime, coriander and garlic. Made with Guarillo and Arbol peppers.

Learn Healthy and Tasty Hot Sauce Recipes

Discover the Benefits of Hot Sauces

Making your own homemade hot sauce is a great way to turn any type of food into a spicy, flavorful dish. A good sauce is based primarily on cooking dried chilies with fresh vegetables, spices and herbs and cannot be confused with a commercial sauce that has lost its authentic flavor and become unnecessarily hot... True hot sauce connoisseurs know that sauce is all about taste! In addition to being cheap and delicious, hot sauce can:
• Increase your metabolic rate
• Relieve pain

Discover the Benefits of Hot Sauces


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