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We are a team of young innovators fueled by Montreal's amazing creative energy. We strive to create smart, beautifully designed products that stem from niches we're passionate about. 



Mortier Pilon draws inspiration from ancient traditions to create home fermentation recipes that will enrich your diet with a wealth of health benefits.

In addition to being cheap and delicious, fermented foods :

- Restore the natural balance of your gut flora
- Stabilize gastric acidity
- Facilitate nutrient absorption
- Contribute to intestinal health
- Are preserved with no loss of nutritional value
- Stimulate the immune system

Unfortunately, most store-bought, industrially made fermented foods are pasteurized, a process during which all microflora—which is at the very core of the health benefits outlined above and thrives in foods fermented according to tradition—is destroyed. This is yet another reason to roll up your sleeves and start fermenting at home!