This sauerkraut is a popular, bulked-up alternative to traditional kraut. Contrary to what their name suggests, the Juniper berries which give it its distinct character are more a spice than an actual fruit. In season, you can find them fresh; during the rest of the year, you can buy them dried at your favorite specialty grocery store or health food store.

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In a bowl, combine the cabbage, apples, cloves and juniper berries. Place the mixture in your Mortier Pilon fermentation jar and press.

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Cover with salt. Make sure to leave ¾ of an inch (2 centimeters) of headspace between the cabbage mixture and the rim of the jar.

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Let the mixture ferment at room temperature, covered, for at least 1 week. If, after 24 hours, the liquid that has appeared does not cover all of the cabbage, add some water and a pinch of salt.

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Once the desired level of fermentation has been reached, refrigerate or serve.